cherry chapstick

one of the many sunrises i've seen this month 

where'd you get your name from

emily's birthday night out in london town. 

35mm late january 2009

sleeping ryan 
i can't even say anything about this
stop smoking on brick lane
meticulously placed items
E.T at brick lane
singing brown eyed girl at brick lane so epic
eating chips
my little bed
cute old people at the national gallery
oxford st. london
my sexy franz ferdinand friends
national gallery

dad and isa are coming to visit me on february 13 + i'm going home to toronto for a week on february 23. 
because the world is round it turns me on.

things that make me happy

old paintings of sisters
bubble tea with seb
irina + friends
listening to elliott smith
random boys with libertine tattoos
strawberry fields central park
old times with michelle britstone
these things
playing music with ao
bonfire night 
across the universe
ryan adams 
annie being happy
my toronto room
hotel rooms with a view with jamie in new york
meeting zach braff
garden state
jana vigor
listening to the greatest on vinyl
reading old journals
sisterly love
tess roby
papa parks
nice graffiti 
oasis with friends june 2005
emma nicole
fake beatles
oasis posters
ryan brown's cieling
abi corbett + kayleigh broddle 
front row oasis 
young jamie manning
couches made of sand

photographs by tess roby + david carrette, obviously
seeing degas for free
the view from front row
meeting zooey deschanel 
jamie manning 
the girl in the dirty shirt
sneaking in to oasis soundchecks 
seeing oasis with dad
elliott smith tattoos 
paul mccartney
jana vigor 
chillin with irina 
young and naive tess and annie 
meeting richard ashcroft 
ryan brown 
emily rajch 
michael caine 
being young with bram 
bob saget 
parisian meals 
large crowds 
annie oh
chasing radiohead down the street
almost famous 
noel gallagher loving me

coffee with noel gallagher and gem archer