more paris


we climbed up the eiffel tower like in i am the walrus.
goo goo gachoo!!

it's just an all around sexy time

home stretch. amsterdam. paris. london. toronto. x

bring it on home

may is the best month

london paris berlin cologne amsterdam paris london toronto
it's good i like trains and hotels and planes and road trips. i don't know where in the world i want to be anymore. 

good people

start a love train.
today i was in line to get my coffee and they wouldn't accept my card and i had no cash, and the most kind man, the most wonderful stranger said: "don't worry, i'll get it." and i thanked him a million times because nice people doing random acts of kindness isn't something i come by too often, especially not in central london. i told him he made my day and ran to get the 12 bus home. 
looking forward to summer.