today i.

woke up at 10:17 with a 10:20 tutorial. fuck my life. i rolled out of bed and looked like absolute trash. i ran into marco and that was happy times and then sammy and i got on the bus and she bought a ticket but didn't need one. then we got on the 176 bus and saw the protest infront of houses of parliament so we got off at the end of westminster bridge and walked through the hunger striking protesters with awful signs : "THE WORLD IS WATCHING." I took some disposables and a little boy handed me a scary flyer. Then we walked through Horse Guard's Parade and a bit of Green Park and saw the tip of Buckingham Palace and some flamingos. Took photos of tourists and tourists with guards. Then walked to Villiers street and bought some very well deserved ice lattes and then went to Covent Garden and got two pieces of silver jewellry each for 5 quid. so good. Then we walked by some buskers that I've photographed before singing "Sunny Afternoon" by the Kinks which was actually the most perfect thing I've ever seen. I started dancing and I was the only one who clapped. We were fucking loving the sun today. Then we got back on the bus to elephant and went to the pound shops to buy some candles and sewing kits. The sun doesn't set until nearly 8 now. it's so beautiful. now i've just spent the past two hours cleaning and putting up photos in my room and sorting through my life. things are looking up. xx