the original ryan brown

woke up a little bit hungover and then went up to kayleigh's and she made me tea and gave me biscuits and then we went to mcdonalds and i got whiskey coca cola and kayleigh got a dog toy in her happy meal and then ryan brown came over and we had a nice afternoon talk and a photoshoot and then i went to trafalgar square where i returned the dress i wore last night out but couldn't afford to keep and then walked around and took photos, got back on the bus. watched some sex and the city and drank some vitamin water. then got on a bus with kayleigh to waterloo and then we went for a walk along the thames with wade, stopped at a pub for some half pints and then walked to st. paul's and got a free ride on the 100 bus and went home and listened to bob dylan in my cold room. the end.