have mercy!

i love my family so much. i'm so lucky to live in london and still be able to be a plane ride away from people who will never leave me. i have no idea who this girl is anymore. looking back to a few years ago i honestly can't believe i made it here. i could have been such a different personnnnnnn.
i'm going through one of those really good phases right now where i'm totally inspired and hopeful for the future and new music sounds amazing and i feel like going outside and walking around and listening to oasis really loud and singing in the shower and all of that shit. it feels so nice to just be able to appreciate what's been before and then accept it and move on. definiteeeeeeelllyyyyyyyy.
toronto in 2 days. i'm going to record a bunch of new songs in my parent's bathroom and hopefully everything will sound reminiscent of nothing and nowhere by emily haines because that song makes her sound trapped in a little tunnel and her voice just sounds like fire. 
i loveeeeeeeee